Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Neutral Tones in the Mountains | Asheville, NC

Cardigan: BP {less than $50} | Tee: Madewell | Shorts: Topshop {also love these

Shoes: Monkees of the Westend {email to order} | Handbag: Louis Vuitton 'Pochette'  

Watch: MK | Bracelets: David Yurman {one + two} | Rings: David Yurman {one + two - Champagne Citrine} | 

Lips: MAC Liner 'Stripdown' + MAC Lipstick 'Blankety'

It's hump day, babes!  We're half way through the week and one step closer to the weekend!  We're heading out of town again on Friday, so I've been trying to get a few things ready for that and running around like crazy!  

I wore this look while we were in Asheville last weekend and it was so perfect.  The weather was about 70 degrees all day with a lot of rain on and off, so it was cozy + comfortable, without being unrealistic.  This cardigan is SO cozy and such a great price, too!  I bought it in grey, and olive, too!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


As the seasons to start change, the weather cools down, and layers start becoming a necessity - that means my favorite time of year is right around the corner!  I've started to purchase a few things to transition my closet into Fall, as well as a few staple pieces that I'll get use out of for years to come.  

A few of my favorites out of this list: this oversized pocket turtleneck is so cute (you can see me wearing it HERE), this camo jacket is beyond perfect for layering (you can see a similar one I styled HERE), this striped tee is such a closet staple that you'll wear again and again throughout the rest of the year, this suede jacket is so great for Fall - especially the color (see mine HERE), this denim jacket is such a fun twist on the normal and feels so soft, and last but not least, these cognac pumps will literally go with almost everything you throw on this season.  If you're looking for a perfect mix of trendy + classic pieces to kick off the season with, look no further than these closet staples!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap | Asheville, NC

Happy Monday, lovelies - 

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos, snaps, and moments from our weekend getaway!  We started at Hotel Domestique, checking in Friday afternoon, for a relaxing, celebratory weekend with friends.  My girlfriend Paula just celebrated the second volume of her magazine, The Scout Guide, being released, so we all took off for a few days away.  The best part about Hotel Domestique, other than how obviously gorgeous it is there, is that it's only twenty minutes away from our house!  As much as I love to travel to all of these crazy places, it's SO nice to feel like you're away, but only have a short drive back home.  Friday evening, we enjoyed dinner on the terrace at the hotel restaurant, Restaurant 17.  The food + cocktails were amazing!  The weather was perfect, we were surrounded by two of our best friends, and the food + drinks were on constant rotation.  There's something so special about just sitting around a table, laughing, and making memories with the ones you love.
Here's a little snapshot of my luggage + favorite new flats once we arrived.  I love how everything at the hotel feels so cozy + quaint - rocky walls and floors everywhere + a terra-cotta roof and antique-french shutters, but with more modern decor.  (If you follow along on snapchat, @meganrunionmcr, then you saw more of the hotel, our room, and the amazing views!)  Oh, and another favorite part about the hotel - they use Hermès body + skincare products!  We've only been to one other hotel that used the same products, but they are amazing!!  So luxurious and smell so fresh.
Saturday morning, we woke up, had breakfast on the terrace and started getting ready to head to Asheville for the day.  Asheville is a great getaway for us, too, because it's only about 30 minutes away from Hotel Domestique.  We decided to start with lunch at this amazing place called Curate and it was literally the. best. ever.  John and I both love spicy, mexican or spanish inspired food, so it was totally right up our alley.  The portions are all basically appetizer portions, which is so great because you can order a combination of things and try more!  We started with the Sparkling Sangria, which was to die for, and then moved on to the lamb skewers, goat cheese stuffed piquillo peppers, croquetas chicken fritters, and smoked chorizo + potato puree. 
After lunch we bounced around to a few other places - we popped a couple bottles of rosè, snacked on truffle fries, ran into a couple of boutique shops, enjoyed a bottle of Veuve at The Bomhemian, and eventually ended up at one of our favorite places, Grove Park Inn.  AKA the coziest place on earth!  J and I love to go there for dinner because not only is the food amazing, but everything from the massive fireplaces all over the hotel to the beautiful views of Asheville is absolute perfection.  We especially love to go during Fall/Winter, so this was a great kickstart to the season.  We ate on the terrace, overlooking the foggy mountains, and had a delicious dinner for four!
 The next morning, we enjoyed one last breakfast together before packing up and heading back home!  I love throwing on something comfortable, yet chic for lounging around and this blush sweater + cotton shorts were the perfect combination.  Also, how cool is this chair?!  They are all over the hotel and I would love to have something similar for our front porch.  The hunt is officially on!

You can see more of what I wore throughout the weekend hereherehere, and in the widget below.  The weather was perfect for really starting to transition into cooler weather and made for an absolutely beautiful weekend getaway!

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Black + Nude Fall Transition

Top: Sincerely Jules | Denim: Articles of Society {less than $60!} 

Shoes: Schutz {exact dupe here} | Handbag: Chanel {love this one SO much}  

Watch: MK | Bracelets: David Yurman {one + two} | Rings: David Yurman {one + two - Champagne Citrine} | 

Lips: MAC Liner 'Stripdown' + MAC Lipstick 'Blankety'

Happy Friday, lovelies - 

My absolute favorite way to transition into Fall is with distressed denim + a cute tank.  It's perfect for a chic, daytime look, but then is easily layered at night once the sun goes down and it gets a little cooler.  Unfortunately this top sold out so quickly once it hit the site, but I'll be sure to watch for when it's restocked and let you all know!  

Sometimes people stray away from wearing denim when it's warm out, but as long as it's the right look - it's so, so chic.  Distressed denim is perfect because it allows for breathability and a flowy tank (or any sleeveless top) is great for layering with a cozy cardigan or cashmere wrap.  This outfit can easily take you straight from late August into mid-October without blinking an eye!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We're heading out of town this evening for a little weekend getaway with a couple of friends and I'm so excited!  We're staying at a quaint, little bed and breakfast that has a beautiful vineyard out front, so I'm ready for a little R & R!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

20 Things I've Learned in my 20s

Sweater | Coffee Mug | Book | Pillow | Lantern}

As most of you probably know, I just turned 27 years old this year, so although I haven't made it all the way through my 20's, I feel like I've learned a lot about life in the past few years.  Well, that and the fact that I basically got married when I was 12 (okay, not really), but because of that, my 20s have definitely been a learning experience.  When I was thinking about what type of content I could create for today's post, I knew I wanted something different and on a more personal level.  Rather than telling you what my current favorite denim is or a must-have top, I thought I would dig a little deeper.  Things I've not only learned in the past 7 years, but things I've had a heavy heart about or struggled with.  At some point in life, we all face some of the same heartbreaks and deal with the same issues, right?  So, here goes nothing...

20 Things I've Learned in my 20s

1. Celebrate everything, always.
{Whether it's a promotion at work, a deal you've been working on that finally came through, a bit of good news you received, or simply the work day just officially being OVER - celebrate it all.  Most of the time in life, it's the little things that add up to one BIG thing, so you might as well celebrate each and every chance you get.}

2. Pour your heart and soul into every single thing you're passionate about.
{I had someone tell me one time that I was 'too obsessed with too many things' and I immediately thought to myself, why not fall in love with as many things as possible?!  If you have your heart set on something, go for it.  Chase it.  Make it happen.  Pour yourself into it.  At the end of the day, the greatest rewards come from the things we were most passionate about.}

3. Quality over quantity in everything - from your closet to your girlfriends.
{I always talk about buy less, choose well.  Whether it be a staple piece in your closet that you wear time after time, or an investment piece you'll have for years to come, I live by that rule.  However, the same rule applies when it comes to your friendships.  Don't spend time investing in toxic relationships.  Invest your time in the people who genuinely love just as much as you do.}

4. Dry Shampoo will change your life for the better.
{Need I say more?  I can remember the days when NOT washing your hair every day was taboo.  But hey, the older I've gotten, the more I know that I have my best volume and waves on day 3.  And that sometimes all you need is a little dry powder to make the unperfect look like absolute perfection.}

5. Don't do the whole jealously thing.
{Bottom line is - it's just not worth it.  Girls will be girls no matter what age, and sometimes that's a really sad fact about life.  However, you can be the woman that genuinely loves, celebrates, and supports your girlfriends.  Living a life of comparison or coveting can literally be miserable at times. Don't get me wrong, it's human nature to occasionally feel those emotions, BUT you will sleep so much easier when you can just be happy for people.  Focus on what's important and forget all the rest.}

6. Explore new places every chance you get.
{Adventure always awaits.  Whether you're vacationing to somewhere new or going on a quick work trip, enjoy the opportunity to try + explore new things.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the thought of hopping off of one plane, just to hop on another a couple days later, but traveling is one thing you'll never regret.  As tired and jet lagged as I become some days, I literally pause and find myself in awe of how incredibly blessed I am.  Try to take every opportunity you can, travel to each and every city possible (big or small), and take in each and every moment you're there.}

7. Embrace uncomfortable situations.
{There's nothing worse than walking into a room full of people you don't know and feeling like an outsider, moving to a new city where you know no one, or starting a new job you know nothing about.  However, the uncomfortable moments in life usually teach us the most and make us stronger in the process.  You continue to make friends throughout life, new places start to eventually feel like home, and new jobs start to feel like something you could do in your sleep.  When you look back on it, the once 'uncomfortable situations' will be something that made you so much wiser and better in the end.}

8. You have plenty of time.
{This life lesson falls under so many categories.  For instance, I'm a time stickler.  I get so wrapped up in not being late, that I cause an argument or forget things, simply for the sake of time.  Like being 5 minutes late is the end of the world, when it's definitely not.  Or on the other hand, sometimes people try to talk you in to doing things in the timetable that might have worked for them.  I.e. get married, have a baby, buy a home, etc.  All things that people are doing in their 20s that might not be right for you.  And that's okay.  It's more than okay.  Do what works for you and your family.  Enjoy the time you get to live by yourself, the nights you go out to dinner and laughing + drinking too much with your husband, or the one room apartment you're paying way too much money for.  Life is full of different seasons and if you're enjoying the one you're currently in - sit back and take it easy.  You'll organically move on to the next one when the time is right.}

9. Keeping tweezers in your car is a game changer.
{I mean, there's nothing like that rear-view mirror light though, am I right?!  When you're at a stoplight and see a stray - you can easily be on top of it.  Plus, that daily attention saves time when you go to pluck out two weeks of overgrown madness.}

10. Never settle for mediocrity.
{What fulfills you in life is most important.  Whether it be a relationship, a job, or whatever - never settle for less than what you're worth.  Life is too short.}

11. It's okay to not be okay, but it's not okay to stay that way.
{I learned this quote earlier this year from our pastor and it's been one of my favorites ever since.  There are going to be days in life where you just simply don't feel okay.  And even worse days when you don't even know what 'okay' looks like.  But the reality of that is, that it's not okay to stay that way.  Life can be tough - it can literally knock you down, bring you to tears, and make you feel weak.  But, when you don't let those things get the best of you, you don't have to stay that way.  With every struggle, you gain strength.  With every hard situation, you learn how to overcome it.  Take that and use it as your motivation to get back up, put your big girl panties on, and keep going.}

12. Turn your phone off.
{This is something that seems so small, but can be so hard to do.  Especially if you live by social media like I do.  But, sometimes I get so wrapped up in getting the perfect photo or snapchat, that I completely miss the actual moment because I was glued to my phone.  There's a time and a place for everything, yes.  But more often than not, I find myself throwing my phone in my bag, and enjoying the moment.  Being present is the absolute best way to do just that.  And I promise, you'll never regret it.}

13. Splurge on the things that are life changing - like a good bottle of champagne.
{Let's be serious - sometimes it's the big things we splurge on that make our lives better and sometimes it's the little things.  Because I believe in celebrating everything, there's nothing better to me than a good glass of champagne.  (Or in the Summer, a glass of Veuve Rosè will do the trick.)  Once you get older, the little luxuries in life make all the difference.}

14. You gotta do you.
{Your 20s can be a really impressionable time in life.  Whether you're just graduating collage, starting your first job, or making a family of your own, people are always going to want to force their beliefs and ways of life on you.  However, always stay true to who you are and what you know in your soul to be the right thing.  I read this quote a while back and loved it: "Be yourself.  People don't have to like you and you don't have to care."  Can I get an amen?!}

15. Relationships are everything.
{As we grow older and our relationships undoubtedly change, we learn which ones we want to devote our time and efforts into.  Obviously your spouse, your family, and your friends are the three main categories when it comes to the most important relationships in life.  The best advise I have is to constantly cultivate those relationships.  Whether it be trying to constantly out-do your husband, checking in on your family just to show them you care, or sending a quick text to your girlfriend throughout the day simply to let her know you just said a prayer for her, all of those things mean the world to the people and show you genuinely care.}

16. What's meant to be will always find a way.
{More times than not, T-Swift says it best.  I truly believe that what's meant to be will always happen.  It may be for the better, or unfortunately it may be something we hadn't planed on, but life has a funny way of working out.  Even if you don't understand at the time, there's a reason for everything in life.}

17. It's okay to feel things really hard.
{This is something I constantly do - I think about and over analyze things way too much.  Sometimes it will be days before I can even think about something else because my mind has been so consumed with a problem or issue.  But you know what, that's perfectly okay, because I feel the good AND the bad really hard.  The good allows me celebrate life and all the chaos that comes with it and the bad makes me a stronger, better person.  I love the quote "Life is tough, darling, but so are you."  Feel things for what they are and not how you think you're supposed to feel about them.}

18. Skincare is legit.
{When you're younger, you don't realize the effects than skincare can have on your body.  I can remember being fifteen years old with my mom telling me to wash my face before I went to bed and I thought of it as just one more chore.  However, being in my late 20s now, I see the results that good habits and effective products can have on your skin.  I feel like while in your 20s, you really figure out what works well for you and you stick with it.  It's a learning process that ends up making your skin better for years to come.}

19. People throw rocks at things that shine.
{Always.  Again, I have to side with Taylor.  Sometimes when things are going great in life, that's when you get the most negative feedback.  This really goes back to not doing the whole jealously thing (number 5), which is usually what this boils down to.  However, you learn in your 20s to take things with a grain of salt.  There's nothing more discouraging and disheartening than people (aka your friends and family) not believing in you.  But if you truly know who you are and you're passionate about what you'e doing - don't you worry your pretty, little mind if that light is blinding others.}

20. Whatever is healing for you - do that.
{Some days, you just have to do things that are good for YOUR soul.  For me it's sitting on the beach, listing to country music while driving, or taking a long, hot bath by candlelight.  Everyone has things or places that take them back to remembering why they started in the first place.  And no one knows those places or things better than you.  Some days, that's all that gets us through.  That and a little help from our friends.}

It was so hard to only choose 20 things/subjects that I've learned over the past few years and I'm sure there are MANY more to come!  If you have any words of wisdom or advice, that I didn't touch on - feel free to leave it in the comment section below!  I'd love to read them and possibly even share some of your 'life lessons' with others in a future post!  You guys are the best.  Thank you for letting me be me in my little space of the internet and for being my For All Things Lovely family.  Love you all, always!


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Vintage Chanel with Vestiaire Collective

BAG: Chanel via Vestiaire Collective

Other Outfit Details: Top: Topshop | Jeans: AG | Bralette: Anine Bing | 

Shoes: Steve Madden | Watch: MK | Bracelets: David Yurman {one + two

Sunglasses: RayBan | Lips: MAC Liner 'Stripdown' + MAC Lipstick 'Blankety'

My love for collecting vintage pieces has grown over the last two to three years, and even more so since finding out about Vestiaire Collective.  Whether it be a beautiful scarf, a piece of classic, timeless jewelry, or a chic handbag, Vestiaire is your one stop shop for all vintage, luxury items.  

After doing a lot of research myself before ever purchasing a preowned, designer piece, it's actually really hard to find luxury clothes + accessories that are still in pristine condition.  When I initially opened this handbag (after waiting on the front porch for it all day like a giddy five year old), I seriously couldn't believe how amazing the quality was!  The bag looks like it's brand new, which is so perfect considering you can't find this color/style anywhere right now.  Not only was the bag absolute perfection, but the packaging was just as if I had ordered it directly from Chanel.  Everything from the Chanel dust bag, Chanel box, and the signature Chanel flower were all beautifully laid out and ready to be opened.  And you all know I am a major sucker for great packaging!  I've wanted a jumbo Chanel for quite some time now, but because only a few colors are made each year, they're really hard to find.  I couldn't be more in love and excited to add this handbag to my collection, and will enjoy it for years to come!  If you haven't already, head over to Vestiaire Collective - you will not be disappointed!! 

I hope you're all having a great week so far and thanks SO much for stopping by! xx.

Other Vestiaire favorites:

Thanks to Vestiaire Collective for partnering on this post!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TLE | NO. 20 // Fall Transition

Since we're officially on our way to September, it has me craving cozy knits, apple cider, and cooler weather.  While starting to transitioning my closet into Fall, I really love layering and pairing opposites - a cute tank under a leather jacket is perfect for going from day to night and a cozy sweater is so cute with a pair of cut off shorts.  I've rounded up a few of my favorite staple pieces that are sure to take you right into cooler weather, while looking chic and staying classic.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Cozy Sweater:
Striped Tee:
Leather Jacket:
Cat Eye Sunnies:
Nude Lip:
Black Handbag:
Distressed Denim:

Slide Ons:

Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.
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