Tuesday, March 19, 2019


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Is it just me or does a good Serena & Lily sale get you every time?!  Especially this time of year when we're getting the cottage ready for Spring, Serena & Lily is always my go-to!  On that note, we just updated our bedding with lighter, more airy layers, and next up, I really want 6 more of these chairs to surround of farmhouse table on the back deck.  We already have two that we purchased a few years ago and they hold up so well!  Our French Tassel Shower Curtain that's in the guest bath is included in the sale, as well as these Two-Toned Pillow Covers we just ordered for our couch that are the perfect neutral.  Last, but not least, the concrete pendant in our bar closet is on sale for a great price, too!!

It's the perfect time of year to add a few new Spring pillows to your couch, a light-weight throw for outdoor night caps, that light fixture you've been eyeing for months, or that rug you've needed to replace!  Use code INSPO for 20% everything you love and spruce up your space for Spring with us!

Hope you're having a great week so far!   X.

Monday, March 18, 2019


Happy Monday, babes - 

As I mentioned on @thelovelycottage last week, J and I are going to share some of our favorite Spring + Summer cocktail recipes with you over the next few months!  There's nothing better than coming home after a long day, shaking up a little cocktail, and sitting outside for sunset.  This specific recipe (makes 1 cocktail, double for you + a friend) is really similar to a fresh margarita, but with a grapefruit twist!

Sweet + Salty Rim: Raw Blue Agave + Chile Lime Seasoning (I get both at Trader Joe's)

- 1.5 ounces (1 jigger) of your favorite tequila
- 1/2 cup Italian Grapefruit Soda (from Trader Joes)
- Splash of Orange Juice with Pineapple
- Splash of San Pellegrino

*Note - you can't shake carbonated sodas in a cocktail shaker.  Shake the tequila and OJ over ice in the shaker, then add the grapefruit soda and San Pellegrino and stir.

Garnish with your favorite fruit - typically we would use a lime or a grapefruit, but it's time to harvest the fruit on our new citrus tree so we used that!  It's a mix between a kumquat and an orange and they're so good (and cute + little)!

Pretty + easy for an evening happy hour or even a mexican-food inspired brunch!  We've also made this cocktail in a large pitcher before hosting that's super easy to refill without having to make each cocktail individually.  Trust us - it will not disappoint!

As always, drink responsibly and enjoy!  Cheers, y'all!

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

Monday, March 11, 2019


Well, you guys asked for it - the cleaning series with J RUN is happening!  We're not only taking you room by room and sharing the products we love + use with you, but also cleaning tips, laundry help, stain removal, and even outdoor tidying.  File this under: things I never thought I would blog about.  Including, but not limited to, chickens.  #thisis30  So, here we go!  


Wooden Surface Cleaner - We use this on our kitchen island daily.  It not only cleans the surface well, but it smells AMAZING.  It's also safe to use on all types of wooden tables, including dining room tables, end tables, etc.  J RUN says it's the only cleaner he's used that hasn't left a film or residue behind after cleaning!

General Surface Cleaner - We use this on our granite countertops, range, sink, and more.  Anything really!  Even though it's a natural, non-toxic cleaner, it has a decent degreaser ingredient that works well to get rid of the hard to clean or left-behind residue on your stove top.  It's lavender, has a really fresh scent to it, and can be used all over your house!

Bar Keepers Friend - The best two dollars you'll ever spend, according to you know who.  I'm more of a dollar menu - double cheeseburger girl myself.  Kidding!  Kind of.  Anyway, Bar Keepers Friend makes your tough, non-scratchable surfaces look like new again.  It's a harsh compound, so don't use it on anything that's easily scratched or on your teflon cookware, but it's perfect for your stainless sink and pots and pans.  A little bit goes a long way - consider it the magic eraser of compounds. When cleaning your sink, sprinkle compound on damp surface and scrub, and rinse!  Thats it.  When you are done, squeeze fresh lemon on a paper towel and dry the surface of your sink. BRAND NEW! 

Lemon Pine-Sol - After trying more than a dozen floor-specific cleaners, we keep going back to the OG.  Pine-Sol is inexpensive, but effective.  After sweeping + vacuuming the floors, we typically use 1/2 a cup of Pine-Sol per gallon of hot water for mopping on our ceramic tile floors.  It's that simple.  If you have wooden floors in your kitchen, J suggests Bona.  You literally just spray and mop.  We use it on our hardwoods throughout our home!

Scotchguard Stainless Cleaner - Lots of trial and error went into finding this holy grail product!  The key to success with stainless steel appliances is using a clean, dry, and lint free cloth to apply.  Make sure the surface is free of any water, dust, or debris, spray the cleaner directly onto the stainless steel surface, and wipe in circular motions until surface is evenly covered.  Next, turn your rag over to the dry side and wipe until surface is streak-free.  Works like a charm!

Windex - Obviously.  For all of your windows and glass surfaces.

Jet Dry Dishwasher Cleaner - This is an easy one: purchase Jet Dry and follow the instructions on the container.  After running the cleaning cycle, it prevents your dishwasher from growing mold and eliminates any food smells.

Clorox Clean Up - We do our best not to use any harsh chemicals, especially in the kitchen, but certain circumstances require it.  Specifically after handling raw meat and dairy products, sometimes it's a must.  Clorox is super helpful for disinfecting or removing hard stains - if a harsh chemical is necessary, Clorox is our #1.  Especially if you "accidentally" spill wine on your light-colored, stone countertops, Clorox is one of the few things that will lift the stain.  

Ammonia - This is a household staple for many different reasons, but our favorite reason to use it in the kitchen - the disposal.  Pour about 8 ounces down your disposal drain, and let it sit for 30 minutes-ish prior to cleaning.  When you are ready to clean, use ICE!  Fill your disposal drain with ice (as much as it will hold) and run the disposal without running water for about 15 to 20 seconds.  Next, turn your water on and allow disposal to run for about a minute.  If you have never cleaned your disposal like this before, do not be surprised if water begins to back up in your sink.  Just continue to run your disposal until water drains appropriately.  Counteract any smells that come from your disposal with fresh citrus.  (We use lemon)  J promises you'll see a noticeable difference in the functionality of your disposal!

That's it!  Just a few, inexpensive products that really get the job done and make a huge difference in your kitchen.  Any other questions?  Leave them below and I'll make J RUN answer on his lunch break.  Haha, I'm really loving this whole - you're telling me what to type for my blog post thing, can you tell?!

Happy Monday, babes!  XX.
- J + Meg

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


15% OFF $200+
20% OFF $500+
25% OFF $800+

Such a perfect time to get your closet ready for Spring with the SHOPBOP sale!  I'm stocking up on swimwear, Levi's, basic tees, and Spring/Summer accessories!

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

Monday, February 25, 2019


I'm so excited to share the before + after of a little project we've been working on for the last couple of months - our bar closet!  This room is off of our dining room and when we purchased the house, it was used for their stackable washer and dryer.  (Weird I know, but #smallhouseprobs) However, when we renovated, we added a laundry room on to the back of our house, so this random closet had no purpose.  For the last year and a half, we just had to leave it alone while we were working on bigger things and it housed Gibby and Lola's dog food/water.  While cleaning it one day (of course), J had the great idea to turn it into a bar closet.  For lack of space, all of our pretty bottles were hidden behind cabinet doors, so we thought making this little space cozy + functional would be the perfect way to display all of our favorites!

We already had tile left over from our guest bath that would fit our space perfectly, so that was a major win.  We ripped up the existing (ugly) ceramic tile and laid our beautiful, marble basketweave tile, with the help of one of our best friends Amy.  We fell in love with this color after seeing it in one of my other best friends home - it's Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore and it's so cozy!  I'm so into dark, moody paint colors at the moment and a fresh coat was exactly what this space needed. 

My other favorite addition to this closet, this concrete pendant from Serena & Lily.  I wanted something that would stand out from the wall color, but still be neutral and minimalistic.  It makes such a subtle statement and I'm so in love with it!  One thing we still have to add that will also make the BEST statement - a black + white photo of Johnny Cash!  (Smoking, no less.)  It's being framed as we speak and I can't wait to pick it up!

We searched for months for the perfect table for this room, but never found the right thing.  This table was J's grandmothers and it's so, so beautiful.  The aged brass legs and intricate detailing in the wood is stunning and we simply love that it was hers.  She passed two weeks ago and every single thing we have of hers has always been the sweetest reminder, but especially now.

We filled the table with all of our favorites - vintage Veuve Clicquot, J RUN's favorite - tequila, rosè and french bordeaux, whiskey + bourbon from Charleston, and vodka + gin from a couple of our favorite distilleries.  One of my friends taught me this years ago, but always having a stocked bar is e like to have something for everyone and of course, our favorites.  We believe in celebrating life and all the chaos that comes with it - always.

Thanks so much for stopping by - CHEERS!

{My dress is HERE!}

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


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I don't know about you, but I have warmer weather on the brain - constantly!  I'm so ready for sunshine and everything to turn green again, I can barely stand it.  With Spring upon us, I'm sprucing up some things around the house, as well as my closet.  Here are a few things I've ordered that are helping me cope in the meantime!

1. / This rattan bag is so cute and perfect for throwing on with any neutral outfit this Spring.
2. / Coffee table books are my favorite and these two are my new favorites - so beautiful.
3. / Updating our bedding each season makes me feel so refreshed.  These pillows are perfectly basic + pretty!
4. / The bronzer + highlight palette I swear by - can't live without.
5. / I haven't pulled the trigger on these yet, but they're definitely on my wish list - they'll go with anything!
6. / My favorite denim shorts of all time - and less than $100.
7. / Sprucing up your outdoor area this time of year is a must and this welcoming doormat is so perfect.
8. / This little, floral dress is so sweet for Spring and will be my go-to for any occasion!

What's in your cart for Spring? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.

Monday, February 18, 2019


Happy Monday, babes - 

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Between the magazine shoot last week, my last post on Friendship, the Q + A on instastories, and the chicken coop reveal yesterday - we have felt the love and we are so grateful.  We've cultivated the best, most genuine community over the years and we couldn't be more thankful for each and every one of you.  We love you!

Between beauty, skincare, and haircare, I'm trying to update my 'routines' and favorite products, post by post.  {My updated haircare routine is HERE.}  It's been quite some time since I talked about 'what's in my make-up bag' and shared my ride-or-die products with you, so I wanted to take you through my routine, step by step.  

As most of you know, I'm a minimalist at heart and do not consider myself to be a beauty blogger by any means.  There are so many amazing women out there who are much more talented and know way more than I do on the subject, however, I do believe there's value in keeping it real + easy.  Although I don't use a lot of products on a daily basis, I do receive a ton of beauty related packages on a monthly basis, so I have tried my share of products + brands.  That said, if you're anything like me - you want the holy grail products that work and could care less about the other 20 that fill your make-up bag for no reason and cost an arm and a leg.  

I like to keep my beauty routine simple, natural, and easy to zip up and throw in my luggage when traveling.  Here are the products I use, in order, step by step, and #notsponsored.

(I don't use a primer, but because I have dry skin, I put this on about 15 minutes prior to applying my make-up as a primer and it helps everything go on smoothly.)

(Even coverage, not too heavy, gives you a pretty, natural glow!)

Bare Minerals Original Powder (in Medium Beige)
(Best powder I have EVER used!  It only comes out in the larger size once a year around the holidays so I always snag 2-3 while I can AND it's currently on SALE!)

(I mix the three, left L shape colors and use as my bronzer on my cheek bones, jaw line, and hair line.  Then, I use the top right color as my highlighter and it's so pretty + perfect!)

Chanel Blush (in Golden Sun)
(I'll never use another blush - I use this color year-round and it's so pretty + natural!)

(Front left to right, top row to bottom, I layer 1, 4, and 6 to create the perfect, golden + natural eye.)

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (in Satin Black, top liner)

Rimmel London Eye Liner (in Blackest Black, bottom liner)

(the best mascara I've ever used!)

Benefit Brow Pencil (in Deep/Warm Black Brown)
(best brow pencil I've used - looks so natural and glides on easily without looking too sharp,)

(I use this after the pencil and brush my brows in an upward motion to create a natural, not so perfect look.  It adds a bit of extra color and keeps your brow hairs in place all day long.)

NARS Kabuki Brush
(I use this for my powder, bronzer, and highlighter.  I know that's not technically correct, but that's what works for me!)

NARS Blush Blush

NARS Eyeshadow Brush

MAC Lip Liner (in Stripdown)
MAC Lipstick (in Blankety)
(my favorite combination that I wear every single day.)


And that's it!  13 Products total, but combined, they give you a perfectly put-together look that's natural + glowy.  Of course, if I have a special occasion or need to look more 'finished', I'll wear actual foundation or more eyeshadow, etc., but other than that - this is it!  I will say that my favorite products out of this entire list are the powder, bronzer/highlighter palette, blush, brow pencil + gel, and lipstick.  Simple, to the point, and doesn't break the bank!

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