Friday, April 28, 2017


Happy Friday, lovelies - 

As you know, Mothers Day is right around the corner, on Sunday, May 14th, so I wanted to share my top five gift ideas with you!  My mom loves anything classic, sentimental, and/or something she'll get a lot of use out of, so I always put a lot of thought into what I choose each year.  Here are five go-to ideas that are sure to make your mom feel loved + appreciated this year!

01. // a pretty blouse -
My mom loves nothing more than to feel her best in what she has on.  Who doesn't, right?  Since Mothers Day always falls in the Spring, I love to get her something feminine, floral, or with dainty details, like lace.  Here are a few favorites (all under $50!):

02. // lipstick + perfume - 
Every female loves beauty products!  I feel like it's instilled in most of us early on to play in mom's make up cabinet or spritz on her perfume when she's not looking.  But, the best part is, most of never grow out of it either!  My mom loves a signature scent and a fresh shade of lipstick for Spring, so I always know I can't go wrong with either one!  Here are a few favorites:

03. // le creuset
If your mom is anything like mine - she LOVES to cook.  Growing up, we ate at home almost every week night and Sunday lunch was a must.  As we've gotten older, it's always such a special time for my whole family to be able to gather around the dinner table.  It makes my mom's day for everyone to enjoy one of her home cooked meals, so what better than pretty pots and pans to do it in?!  Le Creuset has been one of our favorite things to collect over the years!  Here are a few must-have pieces:

04. // lovely home dècor - 
For my mom, this is where the sentimental part comes in.  She loves to have beautiful things around her home that remind her of us and the meaning behind it.  Whether it be a luxurious candle, pretty accent pillow, or picture frame filled with a sweet memory, you can't go wrong.  Favorites are here:

.05 // fresh flowers + a classic vase - 
Sometimes you just have to stick to what you know!  Fresh flowers are always such a beautiful gift that fills your home by bringing the outdoors in.  However, a lot of people forget that the vase can be a beautiful part of the gift that will last for year to come!  Each and every time my mom has flowers in the house, she pulls out her favorite, classic vases that she loves.  Here are a few that you cannot go wrong with:

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a beautiful weekend! x.

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  1. Could you please link the lace top that you are wearing in your picture? Thanks!

  2. Great picks! I typically don't like the idea of giving flowers since they die pretty quickly but everything is great <3

  3. Nice post dear! ;)

  4. Wonderful ideas! Loving those gorgeous vases!

  5. I LOVE the gorgeous​ top you're wearing! Do you have a link to where I can purchase it? Thanks! And thank you for all the ideas in this post!

  6. so nice pics = )))

    i invite to me too

  7. Love the top you have pictured in the first photo! Didn't see it linked though...?


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