Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Coffee Table Styling

Happy hump day, lovelies!

While redecorating our home, I've had dècor on the brain like crazy lately.  We just purchased these coffee tables for our living room and I'm currently working on how to style them, so I'm lusting over all of these chic accessories!  I love decorating with fashion books and incorporating lots of white + gold throughout our home.  Making your space chic & cozy at the same time is a must!

Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.  

Shop more of my favorites below:


  1. My whole bedroom is gold + white (with some pops of blue) so I absolutely love all of these picks! I ordered fake hydrangeas for my bedroom and I absolutely love them - they aren't nearly as pretty as those but I found some great cheap ones on Amazon in blue and white that add a great touch to my nightstand. Thanks for a great post!

    xo Olivia |

  2. Thanks for sharing! It is always fun to get to know others a bit better. I am so scared of the dark, too. ♡♡

    xoxoBella |


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