Monday, March 2, 2015

Working Out in Pink

 Pants: Devon Maryn c/o | Top: Lululemon | Shoes: Puma

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!  You may have noticed {via instagram} that the hubs and I enjoyed a little weekend getaway the last couple of days.  There's nothing I love more than exploring a city, new or visited, and finding quaint, little coffee shops, new restaurants and some of my favorite places to shop.  In my opinion, there's something to healthy and rejuvenating about getting out of town.  Sometimes a little escape is all you need to hit the reset button and keep on keepin' on!  Especially when you can do it with the ones you love most.  #lifeissogood

Anyways, as much as I love my vanilla lattes and strawberry macarons, I also realize how important a healthy lifestyle is.  I make an intentional effort every day to eat right and exercise, even though I don't always live up to that intention.  It may sound silly, but I am motivated to exercise for a few different reasons- 1: My sweet pups need to live active, healthy lives, 2: Workout wear is super cute and fun to shop for and 3: I sometimes usually reward myself in the end.  Hey, even if that reward is a green juice, it has to happen!  It's so much harder to have the drive and motivation to be healthy when it's freezing cold and gloomy outside (trust me, that's caught up with me this season), but always worth it in the end.  The older I get, the more importance I see in taking care of your body and eating well.  And if you're like me and cute activewear helps you accomplish that, I say buy the leggings every single time! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.


  1. love your pants! <3

  2. I love those workout pants! So pretty! Thanks for the motivation! :)

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. I love the little bows on the sides of the pants. They are super cute!


  4. This workout outfit is totally up my alley! And the bows are so cute, plus they are pink. I agree with your points for motivation. This is why I really wish I had a dog to motivate me to get out (even though I want a chihuahua or pomeranian which probably wouldn't be much use as a running buddy haha).

  5. I love the detailing on the pants! So adorable! XO


  6. Super cute! I workout so I don't have to feel bad about a little chocolate every now and again ;)

    xo, Jen

  7. Those leggings are so cute!! I've never seen anything like it.

  8. Such a cute workout outfit, I really like leggings, bow print is adorable.


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