Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travel Prep

When planning a vacation, three words immediately come to mind - what to pack.  Honestly, I probably care about what I'm taking with me, just as much as I care about where I'm staying or what airline I'm flying.  I start the planning process at least 2 months in advance.  Now packing on the other hand - is a different story.  One side of me loves to pack because it means you're getting out of town, but the other side, loathes the thought of it.  I'm typically a very organized person, but I find it extremely stressful to remember details, so making a list is a must for me.  {I picked up this J. Crew packing guide last year to help alleviate some of the struggle. Categorizing everything from tech accessories to clothing is a huge help.}
Here are a few of my favorite travel accessories:
Sandals | Card Case | Sunnies | Panama Hat | Beach Bag | Frends Headphones | Cuyana Travel Set | Sunscreen | Bobbies

The clear water and white sand can't come soon enough!

Thanks so much for stopping by, xo.


  1. I am loving that black and white hat!


  2. Love your picks!! Have a great vacation:)

  3. This gets me excited for summer vacay! I love making the packing list and pulling it together, although I usually wait until last minute. The part I hate is the unpacking because it means it's all over.

  4. So many cute options, now I just need to plan a vacation!
    An Unblurred Lady


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