Friday, July 6, 2012

Snapshots of the Week...

Good Morning Loves,

Was it just me or did yesterday reaallyyy feel like a Monday?  Having Wednesday off was so great, but it definitely threw me off a little!  Anyway, I'm so glad it's Friday and looking forward to a super fun weekend ahead.  Seven (out of 9) of our nieces and nephews are in town + my sister in law so I'm sure I'll have plenty to keep me busy!  Lots of pool time and playing dress up in my future for this weekend which is A okay with me. :)  Here's a look at my week:

Unfortunately,  I was pretty sick this week.  I spent Monday and Tuesday in the bed with a blanket over my head.  A random Summer Cold=kicked. my. butt. -- J was so sweet and brought me quite a few meals in bed, including this Breakfast on Wednesday.  I'm such a lucky girl. :)

 Finally feeling a little better by Wednesday, so we were poolside for most of the day, followed by a fun dinner at Trio's where I devoured this yummy Calzone.

Frozen Yogurt--yes, please!  An after dinner treat before the fireworks show! 

Outdoor concert in Downtown Greenville for the 4th--it was a jazz band full of Army guys and they were so good!

One of my best friends, Shanna and I Downtown in the craziness of a million people. 

Her sweet daughter, Emma.  She's on my blog all the time, I cannot stop taking pictures of this precious girl.  She's adorable. 

I have to admit--there was a little Magic Mike in my life this week. :) Went out for a fun girls night last night, Dinner + a Movie.  This is an awful photo if you haven't seen it (just a tease), and if you have...well, enough said. 

One of my favorite drinks ever is from Atlanta Bread Co.--a hot, Spiced Chi...yum!  It's like Christmas in a July.  :/  I'm noticing a lot of food in this post now that I'm writing it--what can I say?  I was one hungry girl after spending 2 days in bed. :)

And of course, the week would't be complete with a few fireworks.  They never get old to me no matter what age I am.  There's something about fireworks that are so romantic on a Summer night. :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!  What are your plans?



  1. Too cute! Where is you bag from? Love it!

    1. Thanks girl. It's by Rebecca Minkoff--called the Covet Satchel. :) Have a great weekend! :)


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